Add PRPS & DUBI to MetaMask

Auto Import

Import everything automatically by clicking the following Buttons:

Manual Import Polygon

By default MetaMask uses the Ethereum Mainnet, but since PRPS/DUBI are on Polygon we need to switch the Network first:

Go to your MetaMask Settings ⇒ Networks ⇒ add Network ⇒ copy-paste:

Polygon Mainnet





If you did everything correct, you should see MATIC instead of Ethereum as your main Token now.

Manual Import USDC, PRPS & DUBI

Time to import the Tokens ⇒ Go to your MetaMask ⇒ (Assets) ⇒ Import Tokens:

  • Paste the PRPS Contract: 0x972999c58BbcE63a2e398d4ED3Bde414b8349eB3
  • Paste the DUBI Contract: 0x950e1561B7A7dEB1A32A6419FD435410daf851B0
  • Paste the USDC Contract: 0xA0b86991c6218b36c1d19D4a2e9Eb0cE3606eB48

You can verify the contracts on the bottom page of the official website

You can also follow the steps in the video guide of iSkittles


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