How To Cash Out with Crypton

Are you playing Mobile Minigames and wondering how to turn your Crypton into Money? You are in the right place! Your Crypton can be exchanged for the crypto currency Purpose-PRPS which can be traded on exchanges for real money.

To cash out, we take the following route:
Crypton > PRPS > USDC > (USDT) > FIAT > Your Bank

I would recommend that you have a account to cash out! You can also use other Exchanges that support the Polygon Network.

Step 1 – Write down your Passphrase

Before you start, make sure you have written down the ENGLISH Version of your Passphrase from the Mobile Minigames “Blockchain” building, because you will need it later. (Never ever share your 12 Word Passphrase with anyone!)

Once you can access your Blockchain building, and you have written down your Passphrase, you can continue with the Guide:

Step 2 – Gift Crypton to get PRPS

You need a minimum of 500 Crypton to cash out into PRPS. If you have 500 or more Crypton just go to the “Best Game” building ⇒ “Giving Works” ⇒ “Gift” and there you can gift Crypton to receive PRPS.

For 1000 Crypton you currently get 1 PRPS send to your wallet + a tiny amount of MATIC, so you don’t need to pay for fees.
To see how much 1 PRPS is worth, you need to check the Quick swap prices. Instead of cashing out, you can also spend it on the Mobileminigames Shop where 1 PRPS is worth $13.

Step 3 – Download MetaMask

MetaMask (Extension for PC):

If you are on your PC, I would highly recommend MetaMask. Download and install the MetaMask extension to your Chrome or Firefox browser (If you are already using another Metamask Wallet, I would suggest creating a new Chrome Profile and install a fresh Metamask).

Once it’s installed, you will get a prompt where you choose “Import Wallet

Now you need the 12 Word-Passphrase (Secret Recovery Phrase) that you’ve written down (Step 1) and import it into MetaMask. If you were successful, you can jump to Step 4.

MetaMask (App for Smartphone):

If you want to do everything on your Phone, you can also use MetaMask too. Just download it from the App or Google Store.

Open the App and import your 12 Word-Passphrase, after that open this Guide inside the MetaMask Browser to continue!

Step 4 – Import the Polygon Network & Tokens

Click the buttons below to auto import everything. First switch to Polygon and after that add PRPS & USDC!

You should get a prompt from MetaMask to switch to Polygon and to add the Custom Tokens. (If the buttons don’t work, you can add it manually by following my Polygon MetaMask Guide.)

After adding everything, you should see some MATIC and PRPS on your wallet.

Step 5 – Convert PRPS into USDC

  • Open… in the browser of your device/app and click on the “Trade” Button
  • Select “I understand” and click “Continue
  • Click “Connect Wallet” and approve it on Metamask.
  • As the bottom pair select USDC
  • Click Swap and confirm the transaction on your Device
  • You should now have some USDC on your Wallet

Step 6 – Send USDC to Binance

  • Login into your Binance Account and select “Deposit Crypto”
  • Choose USDC and select MATIC Polygon as Network
  • Copy the Address provided by Binance (yours will look different)
  • Now go back to your MetaMask and send the USDC to the Deposit Address. If it’s a lot of money, do a small test first and see if it arrives!

Step 7 – Convert USDC to Cash!

  • Once your USDC arrives in Binance go to “Trade” ⇒ “Convert”
  • There you can convert your USDC into your Countries Currency
  • Some countries like the Philippines need to convert USDC into USDT first!

Congratulations, you can send it now to your Bank Account if you want.

Quick Summary of all Steps

  1. Write down your Passphrase, make sure you don’t lose it!
  2. Gift some Crypton to get PRPS
  3. Download MetaMask and import your Passphrase
  4. Switch to Polygon Network, add PRPS and USDC to your Wallet
  5. Swap PRPS to USDC on Quickswap
  6. Send USDC to Binance via the Polygon Network
  7. Convert USDC into Fiat. Some Countries need to convert into USDT first.


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