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How To Cash Out with Crypton

By playing Clash of Streamers, you can actually earn the cryptocurrency GUBI. The GUBI token that you earn by playing the game can then be sold on exchanges like PancakeSwap for other cryptos like BNB.
For other earning methods, you can check the in-depth earning guide on

Here is my quick guide on how to turn your Crypton into GUBI and earn money.
The route we take is as follows: Crypton > GUBI > BNB > FIAT > Your Bank

I would recommend that you have a account to cash out! If you are using other Exchanges, you can also use services like

To the Filipino players, I recommend to watch Adrielle’s Tutorials:
PC Guide | Mobile Guide

Before you start, make sure you have written down your Passphrase from the Clash of Streamers “Blockchain” building, because you will need it later. (Never ever share your 12 Word Passphrase with anyone!)

If you can access your Blockchain building, and you have written down your Passphrase, you can continue with the Guide:

1. You need at least 10,000 Crypton to cash out into GUBI. (1 Crypton is always 1 GUBI) You can turn your Crypton into GUBI inside the “Best Game” building.

2. You need to gift Crypton in order to get GUBI, that’s how it works. Let’s say you gift 10k Crypton than you should receive the same amount in GUBI. After you gift, you have to wait a few minutes for GUBI to appear in your balance.

3. Download and install the MetaMask extension to your Chrome or Firefox browser (If you are already using another Metamask Wallet, I would suggest creating a new Chrome Profile and install a fresh Metamask). Once it’s installed will get a prompt where you choose “Import Wallet“:

4. Now you need the 12 Word-Passphrase (Secret Recovery Phrase) that you used in the “Blockchain” Building in Clash of Streamers and import it into MetaMask.

5. Once your Wallet is connected, you have to add the Binance Network and the GUBI contract. Just go to and click on “Connect Wallet” and copy-paste the GUBI contract 0x860947ae09058cc028aaf2ac75258060c61f2dfd like in the Video below:

If you did everything right, you should see your GUBI Balance on MetaMask.

6. Now it’s time to get some BNB because we are trading on the Binance Network. We need that to pay for trading fees, which are a few cents per trade.
So go to your Binance Account and Withdraw a few bucks of BNB, and send it to your Wallet. Make sure to choose BSC (BEP20)!

7. At this point, you should have GUBI and some BNB in your Wallet.
Now open… and click the “Swap on” button and wait a few seconds, it will ask you to import GUBI.

8. Ok, it’s finally time to turn your GUBI into BNB:
– GUBI should be on top and BNB on the bottom (click the small arrow to switch)
– Click “Enable GUBI” (will cost a few cents)
– Go to Settings and set Slippage to 0.1%, 0.5% is fine too.
– Now you can click “Swap” and confirm it in Metamask
– congratulations you have BNB now, the final step is to turn it into Cash

9. if you want to turn your BNB into Fiat (money) you need to send it to or any other exchange that support BSC. On Binance go to Deposit Crypto and send it to the Address it shows you.

10. Now you go to the Trade > Convert on the Binance Website and choose BNB and your Currency. In my case it’s BNB/EUR since I live in Europe.

11. Voilà, now you have FIAT on your Binance account that you can withdraw to your Bank Account or use the Binance Visa Card. I know those are many steps, but once you have everything setup it’s going to be easy.

It is also possible to do everything on your phone with the Trust Wallet and Binance Smartphone App. Instead of Trust Wallet you can also use the MetaMask App, but on the Phone Trust Wallet is more user-friendly.

Cassidy also made an awesome Video Guide you can follow:

Quick Overview of important Links:
GUBI Website:
Chart and Price of GUBI:…
Trade/Swap GUBI:…
Overview of Players getting GUBI:…
BScan to check all your transactions:
GUBI Contract: 0x860947ae09058cc028aaf2ac75258060c61f2dfd

I may create some short guides on how to collect Crypton more efficiently and also do some Crypton giveaways. So stay tuned, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

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